But She Has A Boyfriend😠😈😈

It’s funny ,

I've been bragging about how I'm too quill
But we all know bragging packs its bags and walk out the door when you see the girl who gives you chills
See, she walks like the ground is a canvas and she just writes me a love letter
So instead of looking up-to her; i look down
Trying to read between the lines she drew when tip toeing
See genuine things have a manual;
And when God crafted her; i bet He tattoed a manual on the sole of her feet
Entitled "this is how you should love her"
She's is the type of music you'd wish to share to the world but again; people do remixes so rather keep it to you.
In life you have two choices, to live or die but trust me even if death could leave a notice letter, i would be scared because there's life inside her
A virtuous woman who has turned the gold sky to her synonym
Like the blue sky is a metaphor to her eyes
You'd swear she's a twin of eve because I'd love to make her the bone of my bone
See fine lady
Even though I’m young, meeting you once is enough for me to fall in love with you
Somedays we will find what we are looking for, or maybe not but what I'm sure of is that; finding you would be the greatest thing ever
See, this woman;
She has the most intriguing walk,it's like her walk does the talking
And her laugh sounds like angels singing a quartet and I fall in love deeper whenever she gasps
So i never believed in magic; but everything changed when i met her
So we talked;
And it was the most calming conversation ever
I said to her;
"I think that sometimes love gets in the way of itself - love interrupts itself."
And she said
"We want things so much that we sabotage them."
See lady;
You quaked me from the top of my head down to the nooks and crannies of my soul
See every word you uttered sent gallons of chills and shivers down my spine
See knowing her is like; keeping a penny to yourself,you wanna use it but again,wanna treasure it
That's how you feel when you hear her speak
You wanna jump up,but again wanna listen intently hoping your ears have some sort of voice recorder
Sometimes i wanna get drunk with her and then kiss her ; if she snaps; I'll blame it on the booze
When actually i hear my heart ooze
I think of her more often and if there was a thought calculator, the bars will be on 5k
So I thought she was waiting for me to make the first move
And i asked her;
What were you up to this Valentines?
She said 
"Aah, i was chilling the whole day...
And my thoughts interrupted, like 'this is your chance man,she had no plans,make her life interesting"
But all that vanished when she said

...And then my boyfriend took me for a candle light dinner"
For a moment i felt like a puncture at 12 midnight
I felt like my heart was a training target during the mfecabe wars
My face became a billboard and she could see the disappointment on my face
I wish she could hear these words
I could try to fathom you
Fix you when broken
She is the most beautiful violent storm
But she has a boyfriend
I wish i could just ;
Just let her know one thing,
It's okay, I'll wait and watch the movie, waiting for the fall of the male character
Because I wanna let her know that, with me she's in good hands
We could take long walks 
And let her know that i don't do movies, so if she likes the new Family Guy series
We'll download it and chill in the room
Because I'm an introvert;
Maybe she is too;
Maybe she is just trying to be a good girl by playing along,doing something she doesn't enjoy
Going out when she badly wants to stay in
See when we talked, we could feel the mutual connection
But again she's a beautiful storm
She wrecked everything...
But i love storms,
I've fell in love with hurricanes and cyclones,
And i love her
But she has a boyfriend
It could've been better, if she had no boyfriend