Unknown Secrets

Red was the only color that came across Anna’s eyes as she entered the building. Bodies lay to the left and right of her, and a pit of fear formed in her stomach. She CONTACTED the police petrified by whoever committed this terrible act. The building looked DEMOLISHED. Her heart was beating NONSTOP, “Ka-thump ka-thump ka-thump.” “What kind of MALEVOLENT person could do this,” she thought to herself. Just as the two policemen arrived both their eyes moved to the corner of the room where the man holding the evidence to this tragedy stood.

She could feel a COMBINATION of terror and panic. As the interrogation began all the killer attempted to do was DISPERSE the police with DISTORTED facts. It was as if they were INTERDEPARTMENTAL rivalries. Anger began to build up her body as the killer talked in a NONCHALANT manner. Anna was DISSONANT to anything that he said, as he tried to tell the police he had done nothing wrong. He had a MALIGN effect on anyone he talked to and she refused to make any eye contact with him.

Anna now knew that if she wanted any answers she would have to take matters into her own hands, and that’s exactly what she did. She made her way back to the building. Her hands were shaking, her lips were trembling, and she could feel chills running up her spine. She explored every room with a cautious eye. She searched through every drawer, under tables and chairs, and between every crack. All she wanted and hoped for were answers, but just as she was making her way out thinking she found nothing. A note lay on the ground that changed her life forever. As her eyes scanned the letter she saw that is was signed by her best friend. Her knees dropped to the tiled floor and she yelled, “How could she!”

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Part 2

Anna repeatedly read the letter that was directly INSCRIBED to her. She still couldn’t seem to put the pieces together of why this GENOCIDE was committed. Accepting the idea that her best friend was part of this was INCREDULOUS to her. She could feel an AUTOMATIC sickness inside her stomach. Anna thought that she knew all about her best friend Taylor, but she only knew what she used to be. Anna remembered how she used to look up to Taylor as a role model. She had always been the most positive person who was always optimistic, and they shared unforgettable memories. “How could she hurt me like this,” Anna thought to herself.

As Anna stood frozen she was not sure what she was supposed to do. She knew she could suffer consequences if she were to hold onto the letter that held the most IMPORTANT information, but something lingered inside Anna that resisted her from REPORTING it to anyone. She wanted to believe that is wasn’t true, and that she could just DISMISS it from her mind. She wished that she was dreaming and that she could wake up from this nightmare, but that wasn’t the case. She needed to PRECEDE and get answers in which she well deserved. Acting like a BELLIGERENT man Anna made her way to her AUTOMOBILE. She thought that if she were to encounter Taylor face-to-face Taylor would have no choice but to speak to Anna whether or not she committed the act.

She anxiously made her way from one light to the other, frantically driving down the roads from one house to the other. As she turned the corner Taylor’s house had come to her attention. Anna puller over and walked up to the brick house where black shudders lay on all five windows. She made her way to the door and knocked three times, eager to get inside. She watched the golden door knob slightly turn and Taylor stood in front of her just as shocked as Anna was. “What are you doing here?”

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Episode 3

“Can I come in?” asked Anna.

“Yeah… I guess,” replied Taylor in an unsure manner.

As Anna entered she made her way straight to the kitchen keeping a tight grip onto the EVIDENCE. Taylor’s nervousness was evident to Anna. Anna didn’t hesitate for a moment. She was going to get what she came here for, no matter how clear it was to her that Taylor wished for her to EXIT.

“Why did you do it!” Anna bursted out.

“I…I had no choice,” Taylor stuttered.

“What do you mean you had no choice. Of course you had a choice. How could you possibly conduct this act Taylor!” Anna yelled struggling to stay calm. It sounded as if she were speaking with a MICROPHONE.

She wished that she had TELEPATHY with Taylor, so that all her questions would be answered.

“Anna, you have to believe me he threatened me,” said Taylor.

“Who threatened you?” Anna asked curiously.

“Paul Smith, he made me do it.”

EXCEPT Anna wasn’t sure how to feel, sad?angry?hurt? While glancing around Taylor’s home Anna struggled to hold herself together as PHOTOGRAPHS of the both of them RETURNED VIVID memories back to Anna.

“Taylor you can’t possibly think you can get away with this. I’m DEPENDING on you to do the right thing and turn yourself in,” She announced.

“But… I….”

“Taylor! If you don’t do it yourself then I will have no choice but to turn you in myself.”

Taylor RESPECTED Anna and knew that she had no choice but to do the right thing.

They made their way out the front door and suddenly Taylor could feel her heart move up to her throat, she was shaking with fear. Thinking of all the possible outcomes was overwhelming her. Anna and Taylor both drove to the police station together not knowing what awaits for them.

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Episode 4

They made their way through the twisted streets trying to get to their LOCATION. Taylor now knew that her REPUTATION would no longer be what it used to be. Anna was shaking with fear, she could barely grasp the steering wheel. She felt as if the car ride was never ending as it seemed like they hit every stoplight.

“Anna,” Taylor whispered.


“I'm..i'm scared…what if,” she paused.

“Taylor you are doing the right thing,” Anna replied.

Anna didn’t know what to expect for Taylor, but thinking about it put her stomach in knots. She didn’t want to think about the possible VERDICTS. She knew that she was going to be in DEVASTATION. Both their heart rates went up as they caught a glimpse of the police station up the street. Taylor urged at Anna to turn around. She knew that this was going to be a big TRANSITION in her life. Anna slowly drove into the parking lot and parked her car. Taylor dreaded stepping out of the car into that building. They both sat frozen simply staring into space. The car was so silent the slightest movement sounded like a gunshot.

They both got out of the car and made their way into the station as a CORPULENT man sat at the front desk on his COMPUTER. Taylor handed the note over that held the VERACITY of the tragedy, and she turned herself in. She confessed to everything as she let tears slip down her cheeks. Anna clenched her jaw and tried to bite back her tears as she watched the REACTION of Taylor as she was put in handcuffs. Anna stood DORMANT trying to accept what just happened. As Anna turned around they both began walking opposite ways. Anna hoped that everything would go well.

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Episode 5

It was no secret that Taylor was going to be found guilty. They both knew that lies will always come to the SURFACE. Anna sat silent in her car for an hour till she drove back home. Anna felt as if she wouldn’t be able to see Taylor for a DECADE. As Anna drove home she felt as if DISASTER struck. Never did she think that she would have to face this in her life. While driving home she tried to take the longest way possible. She went down streets that she didn’t even know existed. She explored places that she’d had never been able to see before. By now Anna was at least 45 minutes away from home, but that didn’t seem to bother her. Anna just didn’t feel her normal self. She certainly was not feeling HYPERACTIVE. As Anna finally decided to make her way back home all her eyes could focus on were the STELLAR stars in the sky. If only she had a TELESCOPE it would feel as if they were a MILIMETER away. Anna always had an interest in ASTRONOMY. Anna knew she would have to try her best to stay positive. She knew that there were no ALTERNATIVE options.

Just as Anna thought she was faced with one of the toughest obstacles in her life, things only got worse. As she turned the corner on the narrowing rode she hesitated as a truck was coming directly her way. She slammed on the breaks, her eyes filled with fear. Both cars were inexpressible. Anna could vaguely see red and blue lights flashing towards her. Neither Anna nor the other driver were in good condition, but she could still RECOGNIZE what was being said to her.

“Your going to be okay,” the paramedic softly whispered to her.

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Episode 6

Anna listened to the sirens of the ambulance as she was TRANSFERED to the hospital. The noise was somewhat peaceful to her. When she awoke, she was in a green gown laying in a hospital bed. As she thought back to what happened it was very LUCID to her. An IV drip was accompanied by her side. She felt smothered by all the medical cords around her. Anna was GRATEFUL that she was ok. Every so often a nurse came to check on her. Through the TRANSLUCENT window she could see people in scrubs and white coats carrying stethoscopes around their necks like she saw in movies. It turned out that Anna had RUPTURED her knee PLUS had a fractured arm. Scratches and bruises ran up her arms. As she brushed her bangs to the side she could feel a gash that lay on top of her forehead right above her eyebrow. Anna was DISRUPTED by the RECURRENT pain in her leg. Chills ran down her spine as she placed several blankets over herself. She was overwhelmed by the amount of thoughts that were going through her head. Not knowing how Taylor was doing was agonizing. Anna’s room was filled with flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, and get well cards. Anna often felt lonely since she was a GREGARIOUS person. It wasn’t long before she had watched every movie on the T.V. The stale air was filled with the smell of disinfectant which was not very appealing. The ABRUPT noises caught Anna’s attention. She could hear the sound of food carts being pushed and nurses scattering down the halls. The plain grey color of the walls definitely did not lift her spirits. Anna felt motionless as she lay silently in the hospital bed. She continuously wondered if Taylor would come visit her.

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Episode 7

NUMEROUS days went by, and Anna soon became sick of staring at the dull, bland colored walls. She continuously asked each day when she would be able to go home. She eventually got used to being there and having different nurses come in once in awhile to check her vitals. After having three surgeries, she felt exhausted. She began to accept the fact that Taylor most likely would not be coming to visit her. She assumed Taylor was at the POLICE station and was not allowed to leave, because of certain POLICIES. Eating hospital food every day quickly became unappealing to Anna. She switched off from eating crackers and lucky charms every day. Nurses tried to get Anna to eat something else, but she refused. She wanted to get out of the hospital gown as they got old quickly and run out of the hospital. Anna heard a soft knock on the door followed by a man in white coat. The doctor gave her a BRIEF explanation of what would be going on for the next couple days.

“I have some bad news and good news which shall I share with you first?” the doctor said.

“Bad news,” Anna sighed.

“Unfortunately, you are going to need a cast, but the good news is you’ll get to go home hopefully as soon as tomorrow,” he was trying to lift her SPIRIT up.

“How long will I need a cast?” Anna mumbled.

“At least two to three months,” the doctor answered.

Anna REFUSED to stay any later than tomorrow but tried to be POLITE.

She certainly was not looking forward to hauling around a piece of PLASTER on her body. Anna felt as if this whole situation was unfair because she was not the CULPRIT of the accident. She tried to handle the situation with great FORTITUDE.

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Episode 8

Anna was awoken by the sound of people barging in and out of her room. Just as she was going to fall asleep the doctor entered her room. She wondered to herself,”Should I feel happy?PETRIFIED?HORRIFIED?”

“How are you feeling?” The doctor asked.

“Good I guess,” Anna replied unsurely.

“Well I have some good news, today is the day,” the doctor excitedly told Anna.

A small smile began to form across Anna’s face.

“Do I get to go home?” She asked.

“Yep, everything looks good,” the doctor replied.

Anna felt as if she were hearing a MIRACLE, she was glad to get out of the RIDICULOUS hospital gown. Fortunately, Anna was still able to drive. After DIGESTING her last meal, which would be the last meal she hoped to ever eat again from a hospital. She was DIRECTED down to the main floor. Anna hauled around a bright pink cast by her side. She felt like her arm was trapped inside the cast, almost like a caged ANIMAL. When she stepped outside for the first time she felt as if she forgot what it sounded like to hear cars driving up and down the highways. She was cautious with every action she took since she was very SENSITIVE to any sort of pain. Anna SECURED herself into her car and driv extremely cautiously. At the rate she was driving it would take her at least 30 minutes to get back home. As Anna arrived home she got situated into her bed. She enjoyed the feeling of being at home. As Anna laid in her bed she wondered if she should try to CONTACT Taylor, but thinking about the whole situation overwhelmed her. Anna heard the doorbell ring but was curious as to who it may be. She was not expecting any visitors.

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Episode 9

Anna sat in silence her mind was INDEFINITE to whom it may be. Whoever it was they sure needed to talk to her because the doorbell was ringing continuously. A FRACTION of her thought it would be Taylor and she could feel a bit of excitement. Anna got up and her arm felt INCORRIGIBLE. She hobbled over to the front door and reached for the CIRCULAR handle. She opened it slightly and peeked through the small opening to catch a quick glance of whoever was there. She was let down when instead of seeing Taylor a tall bulky man dressed in his uniform from head to toe stood in front of her. She could slightly read the letters on his badge shaped like a HEXAGON that spelled out “New York State Police.” He wore a protective vest and out of the corner of her eye she saw a CANINE sticking his head out the backseat car window. The officer said in a low monotone voice,”Hi, I’m officer Smith would you be able to come down to the station?We have a few questions to ask you about the case we are working on.”

Anna was completely puzzled and stood there in shock. She had no clue as to what was going on. She thought she should COOPERATE and answered with a simple yes. She did not think that the officer was friendly or showed much SYMPATHY. An INFINITE amount of thoughts were rushing through her head. This whole situation was making her go INSANE. She knew she was not apart of anything that occurred, so she wondered what they needed to ask her. Anna knew she had nothing to worry about, but could still feel a pit in her stomach. She hoped that this would finally be able to come to an end.

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