Dear BandZ Community,

Our Testnet is slowly but surely coming online!

The first iterations of this test net will feature our Proxy Server Super Node!

  • It will allow prototype users to access a direct internet connection with a pre-set exit node.
  • We will be adding the payment features to this prototype so that the connection can be metered and therefore paid.

That’s right! This prototype will contain the essential components for users to start buying and selling bandwidth!

We are extremely excited to launch and work together with our strong community towards a decentralized internet!

Thank you all for your continued support! Our community is our most important asset.

Follow us to continue tracking our self-sustained in-house development

Dear developers, speculators, lawyers, governments, and technologists of all sorts and kinds, we made it. Blockchain technology is officially mainstream!

Paying homage to the dot-com bubble of the late 90s, the ICO craze is now in full force and every skeptic, nay-sayer, pessimist, expert and prophet is in the fray…

We at the the BandZ Network have set for ourselves an exceptional goal. It is multi-faceted, innovative, useful, and we believe, an organic progression of the technologies and economics of our times.

We want to create expressive freedom, access to information, new wealth, academic inventiveness, and a new paradigm. We…

The BandZ Network is a crowdsourced blockchain-based marketplace and peer-peer ecosystem for the bandwidth resale of internet devices around the globe. The BandZ Network users will be able to buy bandwidth with the BandZ token from the other people on the network who are running the software on their devices.

BandZ is the token for the BandZ Network.

The BandZ Network is the protocol for the next wave of commercial, consumer-internet. This internet will be censorship-proof, internationally accessible, and financially self-sustaining.

There are three kinds of nodes in the BandZ Network: Providers, Consumers, and Gateways. The Provider nodes kick out…

Welcome to the BandZ.Network Bounty Program. We will be allocating 0.3% of the Total BandZ Supply (3 Million BandZ!) to community members that meet the metrics below.


The BandZ Network is looking to expand our community of blockchain developers, engineers, researchers, thinkers, writers and other collaborators so that the…

BandZ Network

The BandZ Network is the protocol for commoditizing bandwidth. Create bandz by forwarding traffic and opening network channels.

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