Having Genius Mentor’s or Coaches is Important for Grooming Winners!

The recent triumph of PV Sindhu at the World Badminton Championship is a testament to the importance of having a focused and dedicated coach and mentor.

The first time Gopichand’s name echoed in my ears was when he won the All England Badminton Championship in 2001. He was only the second man from India to have won the title after another superstar Prakash Padukone’s win in 1980.

Alas! If it was not for the injuries that constantly haunted Gopichand, he would have surely made his mark as one of the world’s greatest badminton player. Not that he is any less popular or dedicated now! It is more about the avatar as the head coach for badminton in India that he carries with aplomb, that needs a mention. …


Praveen Narayan

Content Connoisseur

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