Taking dating ‘ol skool

Great! Another dating app. **rolleyes** Before you relegate Bangin to the trash can of Swipe-to-Like copycats, settle down with your favorite beverage for our backstory — you might just agree with our approach.

First, let’s talk about the name of the app — Bangin. Yes, we realize the reason why it draws a lot of chuckles. The name really draws on the colloquial meaning of ‘excellent’. Of course, this was intentional to get your attention but that’s how far we actually go with it.

Bangin was designed for you to experience discovering and meeting people near you just like how you would in real life (IRL). Let’s say you were at a bar or a coffee shop and the cutie sitting at the corner caught your eye. You’d walk over to introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. It works similarly in Bangin — you simply swipe through people’s pics or video profiles and if there’s a mutual interest we connect you on a first name basis, letting you take it from there to organically learn about each other’s tastes and interests. The idea is to quickly move you from connecting online to meeting in-person offline.

Bangin doesn’t overload with you with all the extraneous information — no multiple pics, name, age, profile info nor interests. We dub it ‘the dating app without the baggage’. This philosophy is purposefully built into the design and is evident in the lack of all those filtering options normally seen on other apps — distance, hobbies, meal preferences, religious affiliations etc. We feel this keeps it fresh and fun — just like IRL.

Download below to get back to the ‘ol skool way of connecting with people!