In 2013, I began researching Commander Jon Burge’s torture ring at Areas Two and Three Headquarters of the Chicago Police Department. I took oral histories from activists and lawyers integral to uncovering the torture and the conspiracy to keep it hidden.

My historical research formed the basis for my undergraduate thesis at DePaul University, “Banging at the Door: 20 Years of Activism that put Jon Burge Behind Bars.” I presented at the DePaul Student History Conference in May 2014 and received the James P. Krokar Award for Best Undergraduate Paper. “Banging at the Door” was published by DePaul in its journal of undergraduate research, Creating Knowledge, in the Fall of 2014.

In the months since I finished school, issues of police misconduct and accountability have dominated national news coverage, with an unprecedented number of Black Americans killed at the hands of police. As I continue my research and look towards graduate school, this blog is a place for me to continue writing and gathering thoughts on issues of race and criminal justice.

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