Device Prototyping with LittleBits

1. First exposure to LittleBits

In order to move from my first exposure of littleBits to actually generating a prototype involved playing around with the kit. So, I could make sense of what the majority of the parts could do. Both my partner and I, made lots of combinations of the different parts to see what we could come up within the limited period of time. Before playing with the littleBits, I thought, building such prototype would require me to have background knowledge in electronic engineering but once I laid out all the pieces on the table, I successfully built much cool stuff from these parts. However, getting to know littleBits took away time that we could’ve spent experimenting. Overall, the experience with the littleBits went very well since this was my first time playing and building with the littleBits.

My partner and I developing a prototype according to a design challenge

Prototyping vIdeo:

2. Reflecting on the experience

Learning how to use LittleBits was enjoyable because it is color coded so it was easy to understand which pieces I could connect and couldn’t. After successfully creating a prototype, the question I had was “What could have been created with the LittleBits if I had more time playing with it?” Thinking about it now, I could have created simple prototypes with LittleBits such as making a light prototype that could turn on/off from a loud clap or create a fan prototype that could automatically turn on/off at a predetermined temperature. In the future, I would take more time to know what all the parts could do and to see how advanced of a prototype I could actually create with the parts in the kit.

Sketching our first draft scenario involving the appropriate user

3. Wildcard: Should I buy a LittleBits?

After I finished using LittleBits in class, I was interested in seeing how much it cost and to see if the price fits into my budget. Therefore, I was shocked when I saw the price. It came out costing around $250. Subsequent to perceiving how costly this was, I asked myself, “What other possible choices are there with getting my very own kit to begin prototyping?” I discovered numerous shabby prototyping packs on the web yet the issue was that there was many, and to the point that I didn’t know which one to look over. Now I am planning on reading online reviews and blogs to help assist my first prototype kit purchase.

Cost of a Smart Home LittleBits Kit
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