Breaking News is shutting down
Breaking News

I too am sitting here all sad and mad. First off, holy f —ing brutal, executive grinches that carried out this plan so close to the holidays! The only logical conclusion is that their icy, heartless souls have become 100% dogsh*t. My heart goes out to all those affected and their families.

Even though it has its own, mild flavor of bias, this is still the best and pretty much the only real, breaking news technology available to the public. It has been that way since 2007. I was there when this all started and had many conversations with Mr. Poppel and the early staffers. It was mind-blowing to not have to wait hours for over-editorialized, unpalatable, untimely, and extremely biased news. It felt as world-changing as social media itself. THE INFORMATION WAS LEFT TO SPEAK FOR ITSELF! Minimal BS! The future is now, kids! I don’t know why Breaking News’ formula was not copied a thousand ways across thousands of sites. Perhaps it was so good no one else could compete? Was their monopoly on instant news via Twitter insurmountable? Or did we all just take it for granted?

There has been nothing else like this before or since. This cutting-edge platform is still revolutionary and is helping forge this digital age of instant information, yet it is now being thrown into a dumpster like old luggage. This feels like a criminal act. A violation. An attack on my intelligence and well-being. Shame on me for falling in love with the Shangri-La and Xanadu of breaking news, right? Shame on me for having the security and satisfaction of knowing that I was getting the best, breaking news currently available. Most people are still unaware of how liberating and important it is to have free AND TIMELY access to what is essentially a legit, concise, and professional newswire. Or, perhaps, the wrong people are aware of how revolutionary and liberating it is….

We have a singular oasis for breaking news/information and in three weeks the water runs out. Instead of dehydrating to death we get a far worse fate: We all get kicked back to the dark, pre-2007 days of no choice except extremely biased and very untimely news. I know, to some, it is naughty to use the word, “retarded” these days, but that is exactly what is going to be forced upon us in a few weeks. A genuine state of retardation on a mass scale.

If we want to save this invaluable tool and continue to progress as a digital species, we will need to crowd-fund it ourselves and make it better. Or, as consumers, we need to create an organized, sustained, and undeniable public outcry until the free market responds to our demands and wallets. The idea is already out there. Just because a torrent site gets taken down does not mean the technology dies. This technology is just as important. Perhaps more so. Decentralize breaking news? Is that the next step?

Also, peacocks. Maybe try a mole-rat instead, NBC. It better suits your corporate and world outlook. Filthy cowards.

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