For Indonesians: We Urgently Need to Develop Our Reading Habit!
Theodorus Yoga

Hi Theodorus,

I find your post is useful for Indonesian in general, can you please translate this post into Indonesian language. That way, more people can read and understand better.

As Indonesian myself, I notice that most of Indonesian don’t like reading because we find it a hassle. We love shortcuts. We want to be successful fast! We want to buy that thing now! That’s why in Jakarta, lot of cars got into the Autogate lane because they don’t bother to read the huge sign that says “HANYA UNTUK E-TOLL”.

I’m not sure about the world, but our people LOVE instant gratification. I can’t say exactly why, but I know several reasons that leads to this action. It’s more like a culture of the society.

With more and more Indonesian young CEO (like you, sir) that got the exposure of the media, can promote “reading is cool” culture to our people. I believe it will have an impact to the younger generations who look up to the Rockstars.

Akhir kata, semoga Pak Theodorus dapat mentranslate isi artikel ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Karena banyak sekali warga Indonesia (bahkan di ibukota) yang masih belum fasih berbahasa Inggris. Sedangkan artikel ini saya rasa menarik untuk dibaca.

Terima kasih.

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