Letter For Later

Hey Kids,

I’m not sure how old I am when you read this. You are not even born yet, Mom is not even pregnant yet hahaha.

Anyway, I’m typing this letter while walking back home from work and I just feel like telling you our stories just in case we forgot about it when you finally grow up and understand what we’re talking about.

Me and your mom is currently living in Tokyo. We live in a 20m square small apartment now, not sure if you are going to experience it later but it is tiny. The wall is thin, even neighbors can listen to what we are talking about (if they understand Indonesian though).

But we have a happy life after going through several ups and downs phases. You know, to fit in a new country we need to understand their culture and way of life. I believe you will experience it (I will let you experience it) and open your mind to different culture. See things in different views so you can develop into better individual.

Recently, we had a discussion of going back to Indonesia and settle there for good. It’s a sad discussion because after a hard beginning, we are starting to enjoy our life here.

Having a small house also means having a warm home. We spend more time with each other daily, and even though I got home late, your mom will always open the door. Actually it’s because I lost my key and to ask for a new one from the housing company would cost more money.

Yeah, we’re not living abundantly in Tokyo. Sometimes to go for a vacation, I need to eat only cup noodles for lunch. Why is that? Because mom doesn’t have a regular job. She works part time at an Indonesian restaurant making around ¥870/hour. Her schedule is always changing every week so this month she can get ¥40.000 but next month probably ¥20.000. It’s never easy living in Tokyo.

With all of these challenges, we always managed to pass the hard times. We found great friends to spend our time with, and support each other. That’s what makes us sad to leave Tokyo. But always remember that life is always full of surprise you know.

Things always change, and what you need to do is to prepare for those changes. Anticipate them. This is my main decision when I left Jakarta to Tokyo, also my main decision to leave Tokyo and go back to Jakarta.

Well anyway, me and mom is hoping to see you soon! My hand is freezing because of the coldness outside (it’s winter at it’s coldest month now!).


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