Stuck in business in Vietnam

I graduated with Banking major in a crisis period in Vietnam. That why I joined IT field. 3 years working, from tester, I became QA, QA Lead, Project Manager then Product Owner.

Working with many section of IT, I gained a lot of experience for myself. Game concept design, User flow, UI, UX, business control, Business Development, Agile, Scrum, Outsource, Product, Website Develope… even I can solve many code excercises (I use Python)

But I was quite stuck. I know many thing but I am not profession in anything. I tried to improve myself but dont know how. I’ve tried many ways but none of them work as I though.

I know many things, yea. I know about Restaurant because I worked in a famous restsurant for 4-years in Univesity. I know balloon twitter, know about travelling, know some foreign languages: Chinese, English, Japanese (not likely native speaker but I can communicate). I also have a project with children name “Upsta House”, its aim to help children to be more confident in English or in daily life, some one called it “Activity learning method”!

Yea, know many things but none of them, I mean all of them now are stuck. I have not enough money to growth up English house and the “Activity learning method”. Projects that I am in charged are very normal, life so short…

I go for travelling some times per month, to find out what should I do?

But not yet found the anwser!

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