A quick guide to configuring your remote workspace

Two skyscrapers
Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis on Unsplash.
  • Work from anywhere, access the same environment.
  • Work with a Linux environment, which most servers use.
  • It’s possible to use a “cheaper” computer, as…

How to log in with your automation and continue scraping


The goal of this short guide is to scrape while being signed in to a web page. I will use the GitHub webpage for this guide as it probably is familiar to most people reading this.

Preparing the File

As mentioned, I will use Python for this, with the requests library. I will only focus on this in this guide.

This VS Code extension has less than 10,000 installs, and I use it every day, all the time

The Search for Great Extensions

I don’t know what I would do without VS Code. I have tried so many different code editors and IDEs, and I keep coming back to it. Besides the enormous work the developer puts into updating the application so often, the extensions are my favorite feature.

These resources will help you become a developer without spending any money

Boost your productivity with these not too well-known extensions

Extensions for VS Code

I, like many others, love customizing my VS Code setup. I am constantly looking for new plugins, settings, themes, fonts, and productivity tips to enhance my experience.

Let’s build some cool stuff on top of Gmail!

Buy or print it

It’s now possible to buy or print the deck!

  • 6 suits x 9 ranks — blue, green, purple, black…

Anton Ödman


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