Bikes, Banjos and Ben Weaver

Minneapolis Bag Maker Banjo Brothers Teams Up With Musician Ben Weaver to Promote The Launch of His 8th Album and Support The Bike Tour That Will Launch It.

Musician and storyteller Ben Weaver gets in a morning bike ride with Angry Catfish Bicycle Shop and Coffee Bar owner Joshua Klauck. Over the past year, a shared passion for bikes, music, food, and nature have brought them together. Words and pictures by Eric Lemke for Banjo Brothers.

Minneapolis — Ben Weaver has been playing music for a long time but even after years on the road, his affinity for his bike never wavered.

“I always struggled with how disconnected I felt from the places and people I visited and performed for, when in cars, buses, and planes,” said Weaver. “Most of my life, when home, I have gotten around on a bike.”

Click Here for An Elusive First Listen of “I Would Rather Be A Buffalo”

That’s why, when Ben was coming up with tour ideas for his 8th studio album, I Would Rather Be a Buffalo (out from Hymie’s Record label on Oct. 10th) it made sense that he would do it on his bike.

“The bike has become one of the most important pieces in helping me bring music back into my life on my own terms.”

“The bike has become one of the most important pieces in helping me bring music back into my life on my own terms.”

His tour, It’s All The River, will take him from the Minneapolis to New Orleans by bicycle. While following the Mississippi river south, Weaver will play in small towns and cities along the way. He hopes his music will, in part, help people reconnect with the land around them.

Weaver will do his tour entirely by bike beginning the long trek in Minneapolis to New Orleans in support of the record release. He will be accompanied by novelist and friend Jonathan Miles.

“I have a dream where I see people kneeling down in the grass or the dirt, folding back the layers and looking in at what is living under foot, learning to see themselves in a hawk, a fish, a stream,” said Weaver. “It may be romantic, but far as I can see it’s way more interesting than the alternatives.”

Seeking Purpose Through Music, Bikes and Stewardship

Weaver sees interconnectedness between his work, his music, his bike riding, and pretty much everything else around him. This congruency helps him write music from many aspects of his life.

“How you cook an egg is how you live your life, how you ride a bike is how you live your life,” said Weaver. “I was always interested in everything. I always wanted to be multitudes.”

And those multitudes are what have led him to build such a unique and eclectic alliance for his tour. Rather then a simple showcase of his talents, Weaver hopes his tour will give back to the very people and places that have inspired him.

Tour Kickoff Details and Ticket Information

Weaver will kick off his tour on Friday, October 10th at the Cedar Cultural Center. In the same spirit as his tour, the concert will bring in Weaver’s cohorts from the Minneapolis creative scene including, Hymie’s Records, Weaver’s label who is helping him release the album, Angry Catfish Bicycle Shop, Rain Taxi’s Twin Cites Book Festival, and folks from the Mississippi River Fund.

Tickets can be purchased for $12 in advance or $15 at the door. Weaver is also doing a special $10 offer* for people who ride their bikes to show.

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More Information About The Tour And Its Mission Here

Celebrating the new album release by songwriter, poet, environmental & bicycle advocate Ben Weaver as he brings all of these communities together for a truly engaged and engaging tour. Weaver will do his whole tour entirely by bike beginning the long trek from Minneapolis to New Orleans in support of the new LP release. With his guitar and banjo he’ll travel 50–100 miles between each tour stop. The journalist & novelists Jonathan Miles (What Not, Dear American Airlines, NY Times, etc.) will accompany Ben on his tour as he joins environmental groups (such as the Mississippi River Fund) to clean up sections of the river, participate in prairie restoration projects, and plant native species. Along the way, Ben will be collecting and re-distributing seeds, poetry, and stories. This tour will find Ben curating stewardship-based, variety-style events with musicians, writers, farmers, and artists. And his performances will take place on farms, in bookstores, at bike shops, and music venues.

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