Send Cash and Greetings to Your Friends and Family with the Bankable Celebrations App

It’s your friend’s birthday and you do not have a single clue about how to please him. You haven’t even met him for ages because he is far away from you. You might not have decided what gift or method would be apt to wish him. However, there is nothing better a gift than a blessing and good wishes from someone who truly cares.

What about sending greetings to your friends who are far away? Send them the message with an E-Card that you have stored up in your heart. Just keep in touch with them by sending your lovely wishes not only on birthdays but also on anniversaries and other occasions. Your wishes will reach your friends and family through the Bankable Celebrations app. It is an intuitive mobile app that will allow you to send the greetings along with cash (Bankable Bucks) as your token of love for them.

This app is known to carry the old tradition of sending bucks very well. If you want to send an E-card and money, just enter the email address of the receiver and enter the amount that you want to send. Powered by Stripe payment gateway, you just need to create an account with stripe so that you can send the cash within moments. As a free user, you can send $5 to $10,000 as an E-Card. As a premium user, you can conveniently send $1 to $ 99,990.

Make your text more special by adding a picture or a video along with the E-Card. You can add a video by recording it or a picture by either clicking it using your camera or adding the image from library. When the recipient views the greeting, he can see the video message along with the image and text within the E-Card. In addition, you can also select the theme as per the occasion such as birthday, anniversary etc. and personalize your message. You can also change the template of the message as per the occasion.

Indeed, the Bankable Celebrations app has made it easier to celebrate the special occasions in an innovative way. It allows you to send your true feelings that you have for that someone special and it would surely have a stronger impact on the receiver. This app actually plays a part of savior when you personally cannot be present to wish someone. Since meeting the person would be impossible, it is your greetings that can speak your heart out. Now, the most-awaited app is available for download from the App Store.