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In this article, you’ll learn how Mélanie, Julien and Yann, three Doctolibers, went from Software Engineers to Engineering Managers, and what kind of support they found during their journey.

At Doctolib, we are strongly committed to help people grow and achieve their full potential. That’s why we worked so hard to provide an environment where Doctolibers can find the right path for themselves and pursue their growth as effectively and efficiently as possible.

All three of these Doctolibers have a slightly different story. For Julien & Yann, they applied to an Engineering Manager position, but during the interview process were…

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In this article, you’ll learn about the famous N+1 query that everybody is talking about, and how to fix and prevent them.

Regarding backend performance, there is a performance issue that everybody has heard about at least once: N+1 query. What you’ll hear less often is that baking a chocolate cake is a perfect analogy to explain it.

What’s a N+1 query?

TL;DR: The N+1 query problem happens when your code executes N additional query statements to fetch the same data that could have been retrieved when executing the primary query.

If you understood the previous statement, you can skip right to the next…

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Doctolib is well known for its monolithic Ruby on Rails web application. We are happy to argue why we chose that with you for hours because we have been serving north of fifty millions users per month, with no load scaling problems. So far…

This application was deployed before 5PM, everyday.

And, slowly, an issue arose: More developers (seventy plus today) means more commits sent to production by the end of the day.

No surprise, this translates to more opportunities for nasty bugs to slip between the cracks of our test suite.

As a rule of thumb, you can consider…

In this article, you’ll learn how we, at Doctolib, manage to help our new joiners to be impactful as soon as they join us!

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When joining most companies, it can be difficult to make a difference in the beginning: you have the product to discover, the stack to learn, all your new teammates to meet, and you feel like you still have a lot of things to prove before being in a position to have a relevant point.

At Doctolib, we are strong believers that good ideas can’t all come from the same brain, and we really appreciate a good…

Alexandre Ignjatovic

Engineering Manager @ Doctolib

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