In the world of ever changing technology, one of the most important degree for any engineer to have is curiosity. Sometimes working in a fast paced startup where the team/sprint velocity is super critical, one can miss out on making sure the team is growing and learning at the same time. While on one hand companies are fighting to acquire talent, a lot needs to be done to make sure each one of them are growing.

Increase product ownership

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At SocialCops engineers go on the ground to meet partners and bring back a lot of energy and ownership to the team. Some of our users are people who are using smartphone for the first time — simple things like changing the phone settings is not an easy task for them. Meeting these real users, helps the team to understand the pain points of the product so that they start looking at users beyond the metrics. …

In every street of Bombay, you can always find someone with the dream of becoming the next Amitabh or Shahrukh Khan. Today, startups in India are inspiring a similar trend: the lanes of Powai or Koramangla have now young people dreaming of becoming the next Bansal story of the country.

Its fascinating to see how both ecosystems have evolved and have quite a few traits in common:

200/300 crore clubs/Unicorns

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Bollywood movies are running after the 200/300 crore club. Producers are looking out for stories which have the potential to cross the previous weekends’ opening records. And, startups are after the Unicorn tag. Thanks to the VCs, all of us are now availing cheaper transport, food, electronics and apparels. …


Varun Banka

Co-founder at @Social_Cops

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