Startups vs Bollywood

Varun Banka
Aug 6, 2015 · 2 min read

In every street of Bombay, you can always find someone with the dream of becoming the next Amitabh or Shahrukh Khan. Today, startups in India are inspiring a similar trend: the lanes of Powai or Koramangla have now young people dreaming of becoming the next Bansal story of the country.

Its fascinating to see how both ecosystems have evolved and have quite a few traits in common:

200/300 crore clubs/Unicorns

Bollywood movies are running after the 200/300 crore club. Producers are looking out for stories which have the potential to cross the previous weekends’ opening records. And, startups are after the Unicorn tag. Thanks to the VCs, all of us are now availing cheaper transport, food, electronics and apparels. Box office returns and funding rounds are becoming benchmarks for success.

Page 3

Page3 has always been slotted for the glam world. However, the trend is changing. Newspapers have already started carrying more founder stories than film-stars. Startup summits, parties, award shows are very common in every metro city. Wonder whether there will a standard page number for startups?

Studios vs VCs

Bollywood has already started seeing overseas Studios with big pockets powering movies which were not possible before. Indian startups, thanks to China, Japan and the US, are already seeing some big investments in the ecosystem allowing them to build fast scaling businesses.


Traditionally, mostly actors were interviewed all over the television/newspaper for their life experiences. But, today the internet world is more eager to know about the private lives of the startup founders and their struggle.


Both the ecosystems have their own critics — one hates the massy masala movie because of its lack of content, the other worries of the bubble and tries to keep the ecosystem in check.

In the midst of everything, both Bollywood and startups have this amazing opportunity to nurture this nation with the world’s largest youth population. Let’s see which one of them get the Oscars!

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