Event sourcing gets a mixed reaction from the development community. At Banked, we recently had a problem to solve and decided on event sourcing as an interesting solution. Our approach was one we haven’t seen elsewhere, so I thought it might be worth sharing.

Before we get to the specifics of our solution, a quick general intro to event sourcing is probably useful. If you’re familiar with all this already, you might want to skip ahead.

Event Sourcing (ES): mini primer

The basic principle of ES is that we capture every change of state to our application as events, then store these events in the…

As Banked emerges from beta, keys to next-gen payments eagerly grasped between the fingers of marketing and sales, the biggest hurdle we’re faced with is an Aristotelian dilemma.

Since I moved into FinTech four years ago, one phrase has ascended from teen-philosophy-vernacular to professional-adult-meeting-buzzword status, ‘Well, it’s all chicken and egg, isn’t it?’

Why is oviparity the bane of a fledgling FinTech?

Put simply:

PRODUCT enhances the relationship between A and B.
A will use PRODUCT when B does.
B will use PRODUCT when A does.

Which comes first?

Emerging FinTech start-ups aren’t alone in the chicken and egg quandary of adoption cycles. Any innovative network application can only…

Since we were kids, anywhere my brother went I was to follow. Whatever he did, I wanted to do, including playing the piano as a child, because I watched him learn it first. So when COVID-19 triggered a nationwide lockdown, he told me to pack my bags, move in with him and his family, and help start a charity to support NHS workers, I barely batted an eyelid.

And so began HEROES, a charity founded by NHS frontline staff, for NHS staff, in the wake of COVID-19. My brother, Dr Dominic Pimenta, his wife, Dr Dilsan Yilmaz, our friend, Dr…

What makes good messaging?

Who knows, honestly, who knows? Well, we kind of know…

It’s partially subjective to individual taste and always contextually relevant to the brand, but there are critically objective notes to consider. Take these film taglines as simple examples:

‘From the brother of the director of Ghost’ — Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult

Thoughts: It’s beautiful. It’s exquisite. It tells you everything about the product without telling you anything about the product: it’s a clever, irreverent, comedy.

Lesson: tone is a powerful representational tool when conveying information. This is the messaging equivalent of ‘actions speak louder than words’.


Shipping Web Components in 2020

Recently, we shipped Banked.js, a component library for integrating account-to-account payments into any web application. We’d love to share what that process looked like, from vanilla JavaScript to shipping a web-component: what we thought about, what we tried, and why. We also wanted to talk about what it’s like to build and ship a web component in 2020.

What is Banked.js and why did you create it?

The Banked platform enables anyone to take direct account-to-account payments. We provide several ways of doing this, ranging from the very easy to implement (using our hosted checkout) to the more involved (building your own custom checkout experience using our Checkout API).

It’s tricky to know where to start with account-to-account (A2A) payments. Mostly because it seems like, for a well rounded write-up, it should probably be with PSD2; however, it’s 2020, we’ve barely emerged from four years of every financial blog, tweet, and media outlet’s ravenous and intensely thorough coverage of the revised directive. There’s probably just enough juice for Buzzfeed to squeeze out a ‘Which PSD2 Article are you?’ quiz before the content river runs completely dry.

That said…


It’s thanks to PSD2 that Banked, and payment initiation service providers (PISPs), can exist. PSD2, and its inherent facilitation of Open…

There’s a seismic shift happening in the way banks make money that could have significant privacy implications for their customers.

This change was summed up in a TechCrunch article about the challenger bank Monzo partnering with another UK fintech startup, Flux (Starling have since made a similar announcement). The news was simple: if Monzo customers used their Monzo card at a small number of retailers partnered with Flux, they’d be able to see individual items on a receipt. The article went on to talk about some of the user experience implications this might have:

In the future, this could include…

What is a cashless society?

A cashless society might sound like a Marxist’s utopia, but on the surface it’s far more base: it’s a lack of physical money. No more happy/unhappy queen origami. Slot machines become tap machines. You know that one game where you balance a coin over the edge of a table, flick it with your finger, and see how close you can slide it to the opposite edge without it falling off? Yeah, better get your Tiddlywinks out, because that’s gone.

How would going cashless impact society?

Other than the near-unthinkable losses listed above, there are a plethora of potential pros and cons to going cashless.

Some cashless pros:

Dirty money…

While banking has existed in most Western countries for hundreds of years, it might take you by surprise to know that it is countries outside of the West that are innovating in banking — far more than here. Banking in the UK has seen great innovation lately, in particular with the rise of challenger banks, mobile banking, and contactless, but the ways people pay in other parts of the world offer a new set of features for the individual, born out of different environments and human needs.


SMS payments rule as they provide a more convenient way to send money…

And it starts with never having to share card details, ever again.

Banked App

Much has been said about what open banking offers developers and product designers, but precious little time has been spent exploring how it should benefit the consumer, and the inherent security features.

One of which is that people will no longer need to share card details in order to take or make a payment. Fewer details travelling across the ether means fewer opportunities for error or abuse. A game changer for all concerned…but it shouldn’t stop there.

This security feature is part of a wider conversation that Banked wants to have about money, that aims to put the consumer back…


Building a real-time payments network for consumers, businesses and banks. https://banked.com/

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