5 Things That BANKEX Contributor Should Know

BANKEX Token Sale Event is officially closed. Now, the most exciting part of our work is happening: launching new products and services, including advanced blockchain based KYC technology, public record utilities, the first commercial implementation of Plasma Light, etc. But before that, we would like to clarify five essential points that BANKEX contributor may ask her/himself.

1. When will BKX be listing?

As it is one of the most frequently asked questions, BANKEX CEO Igor Khmel decided to answer:

“We are working hard with lawyers on legal Opinions and memorandums. To make sure that this happened on time we placed order with 2 firms independently. We expect them go live in 7–10 days. Several applications to exchanges are ready, and preliminary mutual understanding with exchanges is done. Legal opinion / memorandum on utility token is the main thing that left”.

So, BKX will be listed on the exchanges very soon.

2. Why KYC is important? My KYC is still pending.

The procedure of KYC is a standard method for verifying the identity of the customers. In our case, it is a procedure to prevent fraud, money laundering, identity theft, etc.

BANKEX partners with a reputable KYC/AML provider. Our KYC/AML platform allows you to complete your KYC formalities entirely online and in the real-time. However, due to the high workload, there can be some delays in getting the status “Accepted” in your account as KYC requires a detailed check.

We are working on it and trying to help everyone personally to pass through it:

1. We don`t close token distribution until everyone who have bought tokens will have KYC accepted/cleared status and get his tokens.

2. Don`t forget to check your inbox, you will get there personal instructions from Sanjar Ibragimof (si@bankex.com). He will explain how to pass KYC if you haven’t succeeded for the 1st time.

3. When will I get my tokens?

We have already distributed 90,6% of BKX — BANKEX tokens. If you haven’t received your tokens yet, please, check the KYC-status, BKX-balance in your account and BKX-receiving cold wallet, supporting ERC-20 tokens.

Once you’ve noticed a missing part, please, contact us via the chat on bankex.com or via telegram https://t.me/bankex.

4. When will US citizens be able to buy tokens?

Unfortunately, recent regulators’ actions do not provide any clarity on details considering the utility-tokens deals with US persons (i.e., citizens, temporary residents and individuals currently living in the USA), leaving many questions unanswered. If by any chance, the US persons could circumvent the technological boundaries and SEC legislations and could have made the purchase, their investments will be immediately refunded. At the moment, our work on the verification and detection of such individuals serves the cause of token retention and possible delays in the system. Upon the completion of the token distribution, we would be able to start conducting the private deals based on the results of public token sale. Details will be disclosed later. We will notify you of further updates.

5. Am I late to buy BANKEX tokens?

BANKEX Token Sale is officially closed for retail sales. But don’t worry, you will be able to buy tokens on the exchanges very soon. We will announce it separately.

We would like to thank you, our BANKEX contributor, for your support and belief in our project. Together, we are going to be at the frontier of technology-building for a new era in finance. Thank you!

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