Creating a smart asset using MetaMask Plugin

In today’s blog post we would like to tell you how you can use MetaMask Plugin to create a smart asset . To demonstrate, here’s a short demo of how you can tokenize your car or your house into a smart asset on the Ropsten Network.
The smart assets that we create using this platform are backed one-to-one by real world assets. In the case of the Car Token it’s a real car and in the case of the Real Estate Token it could be a house, an office or any other building in some part of the world.

First go to: and click on the “Menu” button.

Then click on the “Home page” button.

Click “Create Asset”.

Click “Car Token” or “Real Estate Token”. For this demo we choose to click “Car Token”, let’s say we want to tokenize a Volvo XC90 we own.

Once you have finalized your choice of asset, click “Create Asset”.

Enter all the data about your car in the General Information field:

  • The user will be responsible for the information provided. It will then be checked by BankEx to ensure its legitimity.
  • As a bonus the user can check that the car was used by a non-smoker. This information will then be checked by an IoT sensor designed specially for this purpose.

Upload a real picture of your car and associated papers. Finally, click “Create”.

You will see a loading window.

You will then see a MetaMask window pop up where you will need to click “Submit” in order to create the Car Token. The fee will be around 0.011079 ETH.

Finally, you get the smart asset details for your Car Token.

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