Transferring Waves from one wallet to another one on WavesPlatform

Hi guys,
This is a short story about how to transfer Waves from one account to another one using WavesPlatform.

  1. Please login into your Waves wallet using the Waves Chrome plugin.

2. Then click on “Send”.


  • Write down the address of the Waves wallet you want to send Waves to: 3PLhmtRKTAcoiyVnSLuR9iu292MSUZjh2jr
  • Write the amount of Waves you want to transfer
  • Leave the fee to 0.001 Waves
  • Click on “Submit”

4. Then click on “Confirm”

Congratulations, you have succesfully sent Waves to our Waves account. You will receive PBKX tokens very soon!

More information is available at:
Our Telegram chat:
How to buy page:
Our GitHub:

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