Corrupt Leadership –

The leader and at least some followers lie, cheat, or steal. To a degree that exceeds the norm, they put self-interest ahead of the public interest.
  • More than one third of companies polled had been victimize envy fraud and other kinds of economic crime
  • Corporate executives lie every team they pump up the good news to pump up the company’s stock price
  • The lure of money leads leaders astray and it can explain followers who become corrupt as well

Vincent Cianci Jr.

  • In 2001 him and four of his close associated were indicted on charges of federal racketeering for demanding bribes and campaign contributions in exchange for jobs and city permits.
  • Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island

Mario Villanueva

  • Governor of Quintana Roo charged with facilitating the shipment coke to the United States, drug trafficking, criminal association with drug cartels , and money laundering.
  • Two hundred tons of cocaine worth $2 billion wholesale