Houston Bankruptcy Attorney Fees and Frequently Asked Questions

Wanted to make a quick video addressing some of the most frequent fears and concerns about bankruptcy that my clients have.

Call (832) 975–0366 if you want to talk about it.

You can also check out this short post / info paragraph I made for my Facebook friends…

Filing for Bankruptcy in Houston? This video explains the process and may help alleviate some of your fears about how filing for bankruptcy will affect your financial future. #bankruptcyattorney
#Bankruptcy doesn’t have to scare you. Most people don’t realize that your credit isn’t likely to be “destroyed” for life. Many clients will have a credit score of 600 or better within 12 months after filing their case. Many people find that banks are willing to offer them a home loan within 2 years & 90 days from the date that your bankruptcy case is discharged, and you can be eligible for new credit cards immediately. #nottheendoftheworld #wecanhelp (832) 975–0366 www.bankruptcyattorneyhouston.us

And here’s the accompanying video on the Facebook…

Filing for Bankruptcy in Houston, TX?

We would love to help. Give us a call for a free consultation…Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer.

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