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First of all, here I will discuss only the online method because the offline method is as easy as it can be but not as good as you’ve to visit the home branch.

And that can be frustrating, standing behind the line for long hours and in this lockdown, the branch processes are cut almost to 50% as even for union bank balance enquiry people used to visit the bank to update passbook just to know their balance and this has been eased, by missed call and SMS for the non-internet banking users also mini-statements can be checked.

And this…

Yes, if you guessed Bank of America you are right and even it’s applicable for Citibank.

And it’s about Citibank. I am talking about this.

Being the largest bank, everyone expects something from their banks to keep them safe excluding the benefits of banking. Yes, because a bank only exists if clients have trust in them.

And absolutely Citibank did it

During this epidemic, Citibank proposed something for its customers which is applicable from 9th March 2020.

Okay, let's not waste your time see what they proposed

Proposals by Citibank

  1. They are highly encouraging you to manage your bank online

But, let me tell you there is hidden truth in this industry

However, let’s just discuss only the main things that are necessary for our daily lives.

Have you heard of warren buffet if not you are missing something in your life learn about him? He once said that “Banking is very good business if you don’t do anything wrong

Let’s just be into the topic.

Banks are desperate to earn extra.

Have you ever figured out, that banks are taking extra than you get? Almost every bank charges you but you don’t figure out how.

Even an NEFT bank transfer charges you money. A user…

is India’s largest bank operator with the highest number of bank branches and ATMs spread over the country.

A vast amount of users use this bank. It is due to the benefits they get from this bank. Let us see the basic benefits like

  • Largest Bank with most ATM’s spread.
  • The main Salary account is present over there.
  • Lower rates compared to private banks.
  • Features equivalent to a private bank in only a govt. bank

SBI is the one that is best for its features but their customer service is just opposite to the features it provides.

And if you…


Here we comes into an another topic where we gonna discuss about the international banks in India.

Let us first understand without going further into details that what is a international bank in India?

A international bank has no comparison with a domestic and a private bank , its much more different and a complex process for a bank to keep your money.

These are the types of banks that are partially ruled by RBI and the rest is controlled by the foreign administrator.

Now what are the benefits of having international banks especially in India. Lets discuss:-

  • Tax…

insurance meaning in simple words
insurance meaning in simple words

What is Insurance?

Insurance meaning in simple words is a plan or a secure vault provided by the companies which are used as secondary security of our life or for our home or it may be an expensive material which guarantees to pay back our money on our critical financial condition days.

cheque vs demand draft


Banks are playing the most significant role in today’s modern world from money transactions to transfer of money to different parts of the world. There are several ways including cash to transfer the money to other user’s hand but we gonna discuss the main highlights on the major difference between cheque and demand draft.


i) The cheque is issued by a customer of the bank.

ii) A cheque can get canceled if there are insufficient funds in the account.

iii) The cheque is simple as it can be issued by the payee without visiting the branch.

iv) A cheque…

INTRODUCTION: Here comes, the top 10 list of best private banks in India for 2020

When it comes to best service the top largest private sector banks provide comfort in every term of service from transfer to the withdrawal of money in India only intended for 2020.

Initially, in India, there was a lot more thrust and security in government banks than any private sector banks as believed by people. But with time things changed and people now rely on private banks. There are around 21 private banks in India.

But among 21’s only ten private banks have the potential to be on the top-notch on the industry in India. …


In today’s world, as technology is upgrading banks also upgraded their systems and working efficiency. They have developed several methods to check any Indian bank balance to check account in a secure manner.

In this article, I will show you various methods and tactics to save your time because now the government to encourage e-governance.

Don’t worry about your security you are fully secured if you follow up with this article.

While following up with this article we will be covered with a range of knowledge about

  • Net Banking
  • SMS alert
  • Customer service
  • ATM
  • Monthly statement
  • Mobile app
  • And even…



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