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EUNO COIN Masternode Tutorial

Banky Moon
Jul 9, 2018 · 5 min read

Hello and welcome to the EUNO · tutorial for running a Masternode

In the following steps, you will learn how to set up a EUNO MASTERNODE in order to gain your MN rewards and support the EUNO DARKSEND network.

After you have installed the EUNO· wallet from you should be ready to set up a Masternode. Before you begin, please make sure to encrypt and backup your wallet.

Also make sure that you have 50,000 EUNO coins available and ready to be transferred during the process to the collateral address in your wallet.

Setting up your EUNO Masternode

1. On the left side of the EUNO wallet, you will see several tabs that you can choose from: Go to the Masternodes tab. Under the Update List tab you should be able to see a list of all Masternodes that are currently running on the network. To create a new Masternode click on My Masternodes.

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Figures #1 & 2

2. Proceed by clicking on the Create… tab that opens up in your dashboard. You should see a pop up screen with the title: Add/Edit eunoNodes Node

3. Type the name of your EUNO· masternode next to Alias . You can choose any name that you like. In this example we chose “Tutorial Masternode”.

4. Next to Address, type in your IP Address followed by the colon symbol : and your port number (See figure #3 below). It should look similar to “123.456.789.147:111”.

Note: In order to obtain your IP Address, go to Use your Public IP.

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Figure #3: IP Address:Port Number

5. When you click on the OK button, the EUNO· wallet should create your EUNO Collateral Address (1 in figure #4). Click on the address. The buttons at the bottom or your EUNO· wallet will now become active.

6. Click on the Get Config button (2 in figure #4). A window will pop up showing your Masternode configuration (3 in figure #4). Right click on the configuration, choose select all, then copy.

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Figure #4

7. After copying your Node configuration, close the EUNO· wallet application.

8. Open a Notepad application on your computer. Notepad is a standard application in Windows operating system. Choose Edit from the menu bar, paste your masternode’s configuration, and change the following:

(i) Next to rpcurser= Set a username for your collateral where it says REPLACEME, for example: rpcurser=mycollateral

(ii) Next to rpcpassword= Set a password for your collateral, for example: rpcpassword=tothemoon

(iii) Next to port= Set your port number, for example: port=111

Note: Don’t forget to keep your masternode private key safe

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Figure #5

9. After you have completed the changes on the Notepad file, choose File from the menu bar at the top of your Notepad application, and Save As.

(i) At the bottom of the window that pops up, change the Save as type: to All Files (*.*), and next to File name: type euno.conf

(ii) Save the Euno.conf file in the folder: This PC > Local disk (C:) > User > *Username > AppData > roaming > EUNO
*your username

(iii) Note: If you can’t find AppData folder, search for it using the search box when you open your Windows OS Start button, by typing %Appdata%. Or: go to Users > Username folder, choose View, and check the view hidden folders checkbox.

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Figure #6

10. Next, open your EUNO wallet and wait for it to sync with the blockchain. Once complete, click on the Masternode tab, click on My Masternodes, and choose your masternode then click on Copy Address.

11. After you have copied your collateral address click the Send tab (1 in figure #7) on the left side of your EUNO· wallet, right click next to Pay To: and paste your collateral address (2 in figure #7). Your collateral address should appear. Note: You should also be able to see the name of your masternode next to Label (3 in figure #7).

12. Type EXACTLY 50,000 EUNO Coins next to Amount (4 in figure #7). Click Send. The EUNO· wallet will ask whether you want to pay a fee. The fee will be paid from your EUNO coins that remain after your 50,000 EUNO Coins were sent. Note: Keep 1 or 2 EUNO Coins in your wallet.

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Figure #7

13. If your wallet is Encrypted (It is advisable that you do encrypt your wallet) a window will pop up requesting your EUNO wallet password. Enter the password and press OK. Next, Click on the Dashboard tab on the left side of your EUNO· wallet application. You will see that the transaction you just made is a transaction to yourself. It will take 10 confirmations for the coins to reach your collateral address and if you hover the mouse pointer above the transaction stats in your Dashboard you can keep track of the progress.

14. Choose Settings from the menu bar at the top of your EUNO wallet, Unlock wallet, and type your EUNO wallet password next to Password.

15. Finally!! Click the Masternodes tab on the left side of your EUNO· wallet. Click on My Masternodes. Choose your masternode to activate the tabs at the bottom, and click START. A window will pop up saying: Your EUNO· MASTERNODE STARTED.

Congratulations!! You should begin receiving your EUNO Rewards immediately!!

Final Note: If you wish to add another Masternode to your running wallet, all you have to do is repeat the steps giving your new Masternode another name (for example: Masternode2), but instead of creating a new EUNO.conf file, add to your existing EUNO.conf three new line items identifying a new Port number, Masternode IP Address, and Private Key. For example, and with reference to Figure 5. add below the final line item:


If you require further assistance in setting up your masternode, please do not hesitate to contact the team on the official EUNO Telegram or Discord channels:



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