EUNO COIN — Masternodes, User Privacy and Team Transparency

Banky Moon
Jul 1, 2018 · 2 min read
EUNO COIN Logo and Ticker,

The recent popularity in Masternode technology that was originally pioneered by DASH has come at a heavy price for investors and tech enthusiasts who scurried to secure cheap MNs offered by a number of relatively new cryptocurrencies. While some projects kicked off with good intentions, teams that gave up halfway through their projects have left hodlers with heavy bags of coins on barely liquid markets, while those that set up impractically high MN reward models have seen their total coin supply expand at a dramatic pace and the value or their coins drop.

EUNO Coin was born out of the need for a currency that offers generous incentives to miners and hodlers through its PoW/PoS systems and its use of Masternodes without taking this generosity to inflationary levels that encourage price suppression or dumping (Please see for more information). Bull or bear, EUNO aims to provide its community with continuous developments and transparent updates at every step of the way.

With a diverse team of experts from the tech and finance industries, EUNO’s vision is a decentralised currency for the future that aims to meet individual and business needs for fast, secure, and private payment systems, using its privacy-centric ‘Darksend’ feature facilitated by its masternodes.

On July 7, 2018 EUNO Coin was listed on its first of many cryptocurrency exchanges. You can now get your EUNO Coins on

For more information, EUNO where to find us:




Banky Moon

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EUNO Coin Strategy and Documentation

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