The Subtle Act of the “Code Switch”
Joel Leon.

I read about this before, and understood that it was common in times past, The Poor would need to learn to speak ‘rich’ to be able to get jobs, but among themselves, they spoke their own lingo, “My Fair Lady” I think, is a movie about this whole topic. As a poor child I got to learn that I needed to speak one way for a job, and another on a date.

I think the rich miss out on this.

They speak the ‘desired’ language and that’s it, this is likely why such a divide exists.. how can two people communicate if they speak such different versions of the language, enough that its like speaking a different language.

When I traveled, I would try and get the idea of what they were saying in English, regardless of how difficult it was to hear such mangling of my language, and I understood their predicament as I tried to learn their language, so it was forgivable, but when two people apparently speak the same language, this forgiveness is gone.

I would love to come visit your culture, your way of speaking, your country, yet how weird would it be for you to hear me, a white Australian, speaking your native English.

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