Why Having a Million Things to Do at Once is Good for Productivity

I have long thought that having too much to do at one time can be detrimental to focus and execution because it doesn’t allow us to focus 100% of our energy on one task. The good thing about having a ton on our plate however is that it allows us to not overthink things and make quick and concise decisions.

When all is said and done, completing a project is better than overly thinking about it and tweaking it constantly. We all have the natural tendency to overthink things if we don’t have enough to do.

Parkinson’s Law states that a task will swell in perceived importance in conjunction with the time allotted to complete it.

Meaning, if we give ourselves a ton of time to do one thing we’re going to make it bigger than it really is and take longer to complete it.

Therefore having a lot of things to do at once naturally does not allow us to overthink things. This makes us more productive because we are forced to make quick and concise decisions which lead to completion, and that is all that matters.