The Age of Apple is Over
Austin Frank

Apple only guy since the late 80’s. Its all I know and I do think the iPhone 6s is the perfect smart phone, the iPad to be the perfect tablet, same for Macbook pro. But Tim Cook has been a total disaster, 5 years in and he has given us ‘The Apple Watch’ and now ‘The Apple Watch 2". He has spent foolishly on the iCar, benched the ‘Apple tv set’ (the logical NBT), refused to help FBI hack terrorist iPhone (I understand why, but the optics had Apple siding with the Terrorist and Israel hackers breaking their ‘unbreakable encryption’). Tim Cook simply lacks vision and I don’t mean when just compared to Steve Jobs. I’m not going PC so I have a ticket for the whole ride, but until they get new leadership, I don’t see any innovation coming from them.

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