She’s obviously a procrastinating dreamer with no sense of reality… or as they say..
Jeff Johnson

It really is sad to see this liberal meltdown(not really). She also praised Obamacare. Well, here are just a few FACTS about that: Living in this bastion of liberal sewage called California, let me tell about REAL LIFE examples of this law. There is nothing in this wonderful law that makes a doctor ACCEPT this coverage. Guess what that means? I have three acquaintances who have Covered California(Obamacare) and still have to go to the free clinics to see a doctor. Works wonderfully for them.(Yes, I”m going to stay with personal knowledge and experience instead of embellishing like a typical liberal). Having coverage through my job(another dirty word), my deductible has tripled, my premiums have doubled and my max-out-of-pocket has has increased 5X. FACTS