The day I jumped into the ocean
Shruti Sharma

This definitely resonates with me. I can swim, go forward in a certain speed but when it comes to swimming in a depth which I know my feet will be off the bottom, I go insane. Even when there are people around me that I know I am safe with. I can panic anytime, only this time, I can even drown myself not to hurt anyone around while struggling in water.

I know this is insane but that’s the way it is.

I just know this is happening out of fear. I aim to reach a level of strength to keep swimming long and away distances in case this is happening out of lack of confidence with my body — I am healthy by the way.

I sometimes visualize myself swimming straight like an arrow like a pro. It has becoem somr kind of a dream for me now. I try every opportunity to swim to improve. I was able to immerse myself fully in more than 20 meters deep while the divers were deep diving under the sea around the next corner. I hope to spare some more time particularly for getting rid of this insanity.

When I think of it, I realize that I am getting some progress. So I keep on trying.

That’s my story. All the best.