IMHO, Here is why Hillary lost

Dear Hillary, Please!!

(My Open Letter dated Oct 19, published here on

Dear Hillary: I have always admired your Core Strengths — intellect, patriotism, compassion, dedication; but I am now dismayed to see you as a politician.

Petty Politician

Not that you have not been a skilled politician — in the good sense of the word: Your work in the Senate praised then by even your Republican counterparts is testimony enough. But your election politics, or the public display of it, is ugly and un-presidential.

Anytime you say Trump is this or that (no matter how true that be), it makes you PETTY. Being Petty is 180 degrees opposite to being Presidential.

Yes, between now and Election Day, the public needs to be reminded of the core nature of Trump, but leave it to your protagonists. They sound more credible anyway.

Inspire Swing Voters

Your goal, at the minimum, is to win over the Trump fence sitters — conflicted and ambivalent. Do you think telling them how bad Trump is will change their hearts? Don’t they already know it?? If you want to bring them to your side, give them a reason to choose you, a reason to find you inspiring. Not bitter, not angry, not petty. But forward looking. And inspiring.

Be super-positive. Internalize Michelle O’s call: “We go high.” Every time you speak, make them see how you reflect their human values and how you share their yearnings. This and nothing else.

Being Presidential

Assume you have won the election already. Assume you are President already. Without hubris. Assuming this, internalizing this, is the only surefire way to feel and act presidential — right now.

a. Now as President, you are President of everyone — Republicans, the alienated, the parochial and myopic, selfish, anti-globalists, anti-diversity, everyone. Can you bring yourself to empathize with — not condone but understand and accept — them as citizens?

Don’t critique them. Don’t despise them. Instead, bring yourself to understand them.

b. Let the core of your speech be this, particularly to Trump fence sitters

I understand why you are unsure of your choice in this election. I understand your frustration, your anger. I will work for YOU because I will work for all Americans. I will endeavor to bring opportunity to all, no matter what be your political affiliation, and no matter what be your ideology.

You have said this once — that you will be the President for all, whether they vote for you or not. That was good. What happened since? Lately, you are not acting as future “President for All.”

c. In the Third Presidential Debate, no need to talk TRUMP. Talking Trump equals talking Trash. If there is a question enticing you to talk negative, dismiss it politely in two sentences, and then use the time to enunciate your positive agenda.

d. And get that email thing out of your way. Explain everything, in non-legalese. Your goal is to leave the impression that finally you are being honest, open, and human.

Optics makeover

In your first post-pneumonia rally, in the beginning you were glowing, with a smile genuine and endearing. But later in the speech, you resorted to “Trump this and that” and the charm all evaporated.

Sometimes you connect well with your audiences. Sometimes you don’t. Masses can’t connect with wonkiness. Make your public speeches folksy, not wonky; but still thoughtful though.

About that “deplorable” comment: Merely not saying it again won’t do. You have to abandon believing it. No persons are deplorable, no matter how strongly they believe in Trump’s ethos.


Can you bring yourself to believing that? Can you internalize it, make it your true nature? It is not an exercise in acting. It is a meditational expedition in finding your soul.

Find your soul. You hate no one; you despise no one; you look down upon no one. You are above it all. You are the adult in the Trump room. You are the wise one. You are the one with a grand vision. You are the messenger of hope, tranquility, human goodness. People, even those who hate you, who oppose you, should look forward to hearing your speech. Because it uplifts them. It makes them feel good about themselves.

Try it, for that is your only chance. Don’t blow it because you cannot cast off pettiness.

Your calling is to guide the world’s destiny and it is within your reach. But only if you stop being a politician. Instead, be presidential. From this moment on. Always. At every public appearance. In every word you utter. More importantly, in your heart, in the inner crevices of your mind, in your soul.

Thank you.

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