Japan, Fukuoka Day 1 : Hakata Station

My japan trip to Fukuoka.The flight from Suvanabhum Airport, Bangkok to Fukuoka using Thai Airway, we departed from Bangkok at 1.00am 26th July.

During the flight, I felt good and could sleep well that night. If you would like to sleep during the flight, you have another good reason to stay off caffeinated beverages both before and during the flight.

The air hostess woke me up at 6:00 am and we landed in Fukuoka at 8.30 am. When I boarded the plane, she gave me an Embarkation and custom declaration form which needed to be filled in.

Fukuoka Airport

After I got off a plane, heading toward to the scan both index fingers then they took photo at immigration booths. Then an officer checked our Embarkation and custom declaration form.

After immigration, heading toward to tourist information center, and asked them about how to reach Hakata station, the big subways hub and the many department store in Fukuoka. The officer said to take bus number 2 “City Line”.

Bus number 2 “City Line”.
KaKiYama, God from Hakata Gion Yamagasa ceremony

The bus ticket is 260 JPY per person. Before we move to city line with bus. We started to look for coin locker to store our luggages since we couldn’t do early check-in (AirBNB host’s reason check-in after 5:00PM).

Coin Locker Area, Fukuoka Airport

There are a lot of coin locker at exit way of Fukuoka Airport (yeah Hakata Station also T_T). There are many sizes of locker. My luggage is medium, I need to rent the medium size about 500–600 JPY.

Hakata station is big subway station, shinkansen, express, local and underground run from here include nice shops and restaurants. On the 2nd floor was what they called “Ramen Street”, a floor where you can find a lot of ramen restaurant.

Hakata Station

On the Ground Floor was their department store, more shopping stores including daiso and tokyu hands. The center Departmentstore is “Hakata Hankyu”.

Tsubame no Mori Hiroba, Hakata Station (Hakata Hankyu)

The signature of Hakata Hankyu is “Tsubame no Mori Hiroba”.

Credit: http://www.jrhakatacity.com.e.bv.hp.transer.com/floor/rf.html

Tsunami no Mori Hiroba, the rooftop garden with a 360-degree panoramic view! Designed by Eiji Mitooka, the Japanese industrial designer.

From here you can see so much rich greenery that you’ll forget you’re in the city. There are also mini trains, railway shrines and old shopping streets for you to explore. Walk with Toriei Gate and pray for a safe journey at the railway shrine.

It was really nice to be inside the shrine in the middle of bustling city. Gave me a calm and relaxing feeling.

So we walked back to Fukuoka Airport to pick up our luggage from the locker and move back to Hakata Station via Bus number 2 again!??.

First Meal in Fukuoka

We took our luggage and brought it to apartment, then rest for the day. Need to prepare our self for our next 6 days.

Thank you for reading. Good night and sleep tight.

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