Learning to think

In this day and age, it seems there is a bit of insanity around thinking. Everyone has ideas and opinions and feverishly shares them,. Yet we are all insecure at the same time- well at least some of us. not knowing how to in fact say something without sounding stupid or missing some giant piece of information. Being indecent to an oppressed group, or being overly excited about a cause without considering the other side… My whole fear is saying something, then being held to that, being seen as stupid etc. This is despite being incredibly “qualified” to have opinions on all sorts of stuff. if i told you what you would think I am crazy. Point taken. Yes. whatever

Anyway the cure to crazy is to put yourself on a limb. So this is my place of finally consolidating all the reckless musings about life and everything else. We all need a place to really purge and go on a limb and private journals ain’t cutting it in this day and age of constant chatter…. so here I go.