What I learned to day

Too much coffee is bad, it disconnects me,.

People have the capacity to heal and are looking for it

Everyone knows the world sucks, everyone knows something new is needed

We are all on the same boat

No need to push for closeness

Maybe my marriage was the wrong one or marriage is wrong from the beginning, but this is not what I wanted

I keep pushing for closeness and intimacy to cover the gaps because….why???

What we do need is people who are more in touch with their inner unfolding, we are all unfolding out the same fabric, the courage to know- hey we’re in this together….

That the world we have been asking for and needing is coming…..

that we will need repair and work of the heart and hope…..

I also need the will and the willingness to work together to do what it is I said

I actually need to relax and find my capacity to do from a place of loving…..

wasted too much time to actually run away from myself to be something else, when there is nothing else to be..

I was also too smart to know that it was not the right path but to be like others I almost overcorrected to be like them and then resented them for finding their own path….

I have a healing way of being-time to find it, and trust it and be in its quiet murmur and flow.

I have my own spring that flows underneath it all. I know it and I can settle in it.

I also deserve the healing……

I have known what I have known, i guess this was the time, but now the time is passing, I alwyas believed i would be ok maybe becasue parents held me but now I see — no time for me to step up not to be the passive pretty doll…..

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