I slept through New Year’s Eve. And I bet you did too. Most of you anyway. So what’s the deal with New Year?

It is a good time to reflect on your last year, and plan for the next. Sure, except I plan what I want to do with my time daily, and reflect on the result before I go to sleep.

It is a good time to connect back with friends and family members, catch up with their lives. My flatmate told me this, which was during a conversation when I told him I ain’t call my parents when the clock hit 12pm. There are two reasons for this. First, New Year’s Eve is not a big thing for Vietnamese. Secondly, Lunar New Year is. Thirdly, me and the people I care about update each other on a weekly basis. I run out of things to talk to them about, basically. Did I say that I’m bad at math?

It is a time to be grateful, and hopeful. Yeah you can do that on a daily basis as well.

Now, I don’t mean to bash people who act and feel like this on New Year. But the notion of time bothers me. When did we invent time and calendar again?

I understand that the cognition of time is necessary to remember events, make plans and overall be more productive. However, a lot of people is using it as an excuse. Thank God it’s Friday. Blue Monday. New Year’s resolution. You get the idea.

You don’t work less on a day, just because there are two off days following it, or preceding it for that matter. If you feel that way, do something about your job. Likewise, you can make plan for the New Year, but unless you break it down into actionable plans; chances are that you just made a list of things-that-make-me-feel-good-if-I-do-them-but-wait-I-am-too-lazy-to-commit.

So action point, a TL;DR version: if you need the clock to hit certain point before doing something, forget it. Do it NOW.

Cheers to a productive and transformational 2016. First post on Medium yay.

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