What’s new in React 16.3(.0-alpha)

New context API

Creation of the new context via React.createContext
Usage of the new context API — Context.Provider
Usage of the new context API — Context.Consumer
  • the consumer must have access to the same Context component — if you were to create a new context, with the same parameter as input, a new Context would be created and the data would not be passed. For this reason please consider Context a component — it should be created once and then exported + imported whenever needed
  • the new syntax uses the function as child (sometime called render prop) pattern — if you’re not familiar with this pattern I recommend reading some articles on it
  • it is no longer required to use prop-types to specify contextProps if you want to make use of the new Context API

New life-cycle methods

  • componentWillMount — please use componentDidMount instead
  • componentWillUpdate — please use componentDidUpdate instead
  • componentWillReceiveProps — a new function, static getDerivedStateFromProps is introduced
Everyone panics. Dan says not to panic. Some people still panic.
  • UNSAFE_componentWillMount
  • UNSAFE_componentWillReceiveProps
  • UNSAFE_componentWillUpdate

static getDerivedStateFromProps

Using getDerivedStateFromProps in order to update state

Things to keep in mind:

Remember to init state!
Error, please use just getDerivedStateFromProps
Declare getDerivedStateFromProps without using static


Usage of the ‘use strict’ … I mean StrictMode
Error: unsafe lifecycle in StrictMode subtree


New version of React Developer Tools

New AsyncComponent is visible in the Firefox Developer Tools

More to come?

Last’s week next week is this week.




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Bartosz Szczeciński

Bartosz Szczeciński

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