turning 18

As you may or may not know, my birthday is in two weeks. This, along with the fact that my life’s a big mess at this moment, made me think about the pros and cons of being accepted in the “adults” group.

Do I get the right to cry as much as I did before? Or even laugh and talk loudly when I’m in a public place? And, mostly, do I get to be as happy as I was before all those responsibilities took place in my life?

I know I need to sleep regularly, eat healthier foods and be a good person. Can I do it? Well, that’s the main and most difficult question to answer, isn’t it?

Thing is, I’m curious and fearful about being an adult. Maybe that’s why I’m writing this, to take all my insecurities off of me and put them on paper, where things can be controlled.

That’s the point of being an adult, ain’t it? Controlling yourself, your emotions and your acts. Most of all, controlling your fears, hopes and illusions