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At the beginning of April 2019, I finally received my working visa that allows me, as the title says it all, to legally work as a full-time employee for adidas Japan. If you’ve seen some other blog posts that I have written already, you would know that for the past 7–8 months, I was actually an intern for adidas, here in Tokyo.

So, to sum it all up, I had a student visa, changed to a designated activities visa for the purpose of my internship, and then changed again to a working visa. …

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Whether you want to own a car or just have the possibility to rent one when traveling around Japan (especially recommended in places like Okinawa), it is advised that you check the rules beforehand, to avoid any legal issues in Japan. Here is the guide, written from personal experience, about getting a Japanese driver’s license in Japan, as a foreigner.

Do you need a Japanese driver’s license?

I. I’m just a tourist visiting Japan / staying less than a year

If you’re not planning to be a medium to long-term resident in Japan, it is possible to avoid getting the Japanese driver’s license:

If you’re from: Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Monaco, Slovenia, Switzerland and Taiwan, you are allowed to drive in Japan if you possess an official Japanese translation of your foreign license. It can be easily obtained at the Japan Automobile Federation office, all around Japan — here is the Tokyo one. …


Baptiste Delannoy — Japan Consulting

Writing how-to guides for foreigners in Japan, based on personal experience. From getting an internship/job to driving or renting an apartment.

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