And you, what’s your 1%?

Day 52 of my internship at Adidas Japan.

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, today was my first presentation rehearsal with my supervisor and I could go over a few key points with him. It was nice to hear that I did a good work overall, since I really took a lot of time to create something above average.

The other good thing is that he gave me advice on how to enhance my presentation, and which data the other division managers are going to ask me about. In the end, I will have to keep working for a few days on the report as we are trying to create something really detailled to help the decision-makers as much as possible.

I already have about twice the amount of data/details as previous seasons’ presentations 😅

Today, I had a great discussion with a Japanese friend.

She was feeling that she wanted to create something but had no way to do so.

I told her she surely has something she is good at.

I asked her some basic questions.

What do you love? What can you do better than 99% of us?

Thanks to her job, she developed some capabilities that are actually quite rare and she could make money from that.

Is she going to pursue this idea?

Maybe not.

But it made me realize that everyone is a 1% in a certain domain.

It might not be as obvious as you’d think, but it’s there.

It’s just time for you to figure it out.

And you, what you’re 1%?

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