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3rd Day In A Row: Time To Celebrate.

It’s 00:44 as I start up this draft of my 3rd blog on Medium.

I’m sitting in my room, sweating due to a lack of cold air bursting from the window A/C unit. Why is the A/C unit not on right now? Because I wouldn’t be able to simultaneously start writing my third blog entry due to the fuse being tripped from excessive power usage. No, I am not on a laptop computer and no, I don’t mind sweating a little bit.

Since being a member at TechArtista, I have started to pull motivation from my nether-region! I have been reading more, creating more art and watching less Roku. Playing more guitar, filling my schedule and taking less breaks. But what is this all for?

It’s simple. I’m an artist. But what many artists seem to struggle with is discipline. Artists tend to do things when they “want” to or when they are “ready” to do it. I’ll say that I wasn’t ready to write this blog. But, I did it anyway. Why? Because I need discipline.

Is there anything that you wish to become better at? Are you struggling to take that first step? What is it? Share it with me. Let me know what you are struggling with. Maybe I can help.

You get anything out of this blog post? If so, go ahead and click the 💚. You can even 👏 for me as well! Thanks for reading and until next time..

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