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Animated Content: For All Ages

How does animated content alter the viewing experience?

Embarking on a journey that is only able to be experienced by an entirely immersed audience, animation allows the boundaries of physics and emotions to be vastly broadened making for an unforgettable experience.

When it comes to ease of digestibility, animated content seems to take the cake in presenting strong content or ideas in a deliberate fashion. From early publications of newspapers to recent publications, there is always the “funnies” section. It is usually animated. Why, because it’s more interesting than just plain text and live pictures. If you want to convey an idea on politics, social values or a headlining news story, unless the concept is well thought out, you will do better putting the audio of your idea behind a colorful animation if you want more people to be willing to see it. In addition to making hard topics easier to swallow, there is also a “darker” side to animation in which can uncover, and perpetually expose the more grim section of the imagination.

In case you haven’t learned, not every animated concept is meant for all audiences. For every overly adolescent animated kids show, there is also a show in which pushed the comfort level of the viewer as far as possible before reminding the user that this is just an animated movie or cartoon. Animation is able to take your worst idea of a concept and intensify it several-fold. Whenever American animation started to take hold of social normality, there were no bounds on how terrifying the content could be. This was until regulations were placed to make the content less scary for the children. There are even networks dedicated to creating adult-themed animations so they could bypass this regulation.

The common misconception is that animated content is vastly different from live action pictures or traditional motion media. Both live action media and animated media could be written with the exact same story. But only one of these stories is able to….

… and that’s all I got done because this was an exercise.

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