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What value does blogging bring to one’s life?

Blogging provides an opportunity to give folks a perspective on a subject that is outside of their own.

What is the importance of having a different perspective?

The value of a new perspective is the ability to see a new solution to an old issue. What is my issue? Being able to continue to write blogs. New perspective? Inspiration from going to a meet-up with other writers having the same issue.

Main Takeaways:

I need to force myself to at least try writing as often as possible. I received some excellent advice from William Frazier in which has made it easy for me to address my issue.

William Frazier is currently doing a writing challenge. He is challenging himself to write at least one blog everyday for at least 30 days. Today, he wrote an article with the following big idea:

“What will people say at your funeral?”

It’s a mighty provocative question. But it is a question that will spark many thoughts on seizing the moment. For me, this question leads to another question. “Why wait?”

Be sure to check out more blog posts from William Frazier below.

This is my entry for today. I may write another tomorrow. But I have a thing about telling folks that I am going to do something before fully dedicating myself to it. I don’t want to disappoint you. I’m sure that once tomorrow comes, I will be motivated to write again.

If you found value in this story, go ahead and click the 💚 symbol! (Thank you for inspiring this call to action William.)

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