I love playing counter strike and I don’t think I will ever stop


A little back story. I have been playing counter strike for more than 8 years, sometimes I wonder if I will ever stop playing. I remember when all of my friends were playing call of duty and the first assassin’s creed game I was owning players all around the world. My friends never wanted to play call of duty with me because I actually used my brain and always owned them. They never wanted to play counter strike because the community was unforgiving and ruthless, people were kicked for missing kills they should have gotten.

Counter strike is the perfect balance of gameplay and competitive play. When you play you want to get better since there is always someone so much better than you. The game keeps on pulling people back in because of its “one more round” gameplay setting. With the new game, counter strike global offensive the game has a built in ranking system which has really helped the game grow in popularity these past couple of years. This is the sole feature that makes the game so addictive and fun to play. Players are always looking to rank up and improve their gameplay. I love how I can see how much I have improved after spending countless hours in game.

Counter Strike is what made my day after coming from school. It’s always been the thing I look forward to after finishing up my homework. Counter strike is what my hobby is, not playing video games but playing counter strike. It’s my hobby and my passion, I hope I never have to stop playing because on that day I might as well put my soul into a jar and pack it away.

Let me leave you with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-GTrQYMY20

Hopefully some day people understand why I love playing Counter Strike

Originally published at baqir96.wordpress.com on August 6, 2015.

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