My first week at RBC

I have officially completed my first week of work at RBC.

There, its done, I am still alive and I managed not to get fired which is nice. If someone had told me how easy it would be to get started at RBC I would not have checked my bus timings over 20 times.

My first week went by really fast but some things stood out to me like the first day orientation which was really fun. Not only did they make us students feel welcome they also got us to relax and have fun. We were introduced to RBC’s culture and what they expected out of us and how we could use this opportunity to the fullest.

Our first real work day started on Tuesday where we were shown our office and given laptops to complete our work forms and get started.

The rest of the week went by really fast and all we did was learn.

So one thing I can take away is learning is the best work a man can do and an actual working product is more valuable than any million dollar idea.

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