Solicitude Of a Retiree

Posted on 29 Apr 2015 — by Baqir Shameem In: Soundingboard

Retirement and employment are the opposite sides of the same coin; when the coin is tossed retirement begins when employment lands face down! for the retirees life starts anew and stretches nearly over one fourth of their lifespan before they finally say good bye. For those who have balanced their portfolios when active, this period is further extension of their lifestyle although they have less frequent contact with their previous social context. Often retirees volunteer for charities and other community organizations. Tourism is a common marker of retirement and for some becomes a way of life;. some retired people even choose to go and live in more suitable climates.

A fresh retiree is all infused with new ideas which normally run short as time passes. The hangover of his past, achievements, status, authority and so on linger within him though subdued, as he often finds lack of resources, no audience or spectators barring his family members who consider him their doyen and rest on his laurels for a while. However with passage of time, the doyen is a patriarch ( respected but without any control) and ultimately an ancient, an object of the past past generation! This in short happens in the sub continent where family ties continue to be valued. In other countries, in other cultures the contrasts are quite perceptible and evolving with passage of time.

It is not surprising that the hierarchical run over continues with the upper crust of the retirees. They prefer and tend to remain in the company of their compeer rather than mix with those who had been their junior or subordinate; exceptions do prove this! They isolate themselves and enter into a reclusive environment. Some may write, preferably their experiences, but the rest are satisfied with a sabbatical routine. The majority of the retirees are those from the middle or lower echelon of their preferred professions. They may return to work for a period , however retirement catches up sooner or later. For them retirement is a an intellectual and spiritual relief; over the past years, disciplined and focussed they kept their personal thoughts and beliefs to themselves to avoid confrontation with their professional ethics and structure; retirement let the genii out of the bottle and now they could say and practice freely as a normal citizen. While the majority stay within logic and reasonableness, some go haywire and forget their past. The free society has different and varied social, cultural, political and religious leanings; while the social and cultural values and practices remain unchanged, it is the political and religious vociferous outpourings which this minority resorts to are reasons for concern.

A spectacle, of the alignment of a group who had remained mature, sincere, caring, thoughtful, considerate and logical and on retirement, supporting fascism, religious intolerance, racism and the likes, is sad and sickening. Nothing much has changed when these persons were in service in their jobs, however the persons have changed! All the years of upbringing, culture, training and bohemian have been lost and destroyed. To fall prey to political and religious adventurers and to propagate and promote their deleterious design of hate and divisiveness is beyond any reasonable logic or form.

“Retirement has been a discovery of beauty for me. I never had the time before to notice the beauty of my grand kid, my wife, the tree outside my very own front door, and the beauty of time itself” Hartman Jule.

I say aye to that! Let us all retirees listen to Hartman!