10 Ways- To put the right foot forward on your Wedding Day!

As you step into your new life, strut into it with the right pair of shoes on!This is dedicated to the love affair you’re allowed to have even after you say “I Do”.

They give us comfort, they complete your outfit and most importantly, they make you FEEL pretty! Which is why it becomes so important to choose just the right footwear with each attire, for your wedding events. Undeniably, your wedding shoes should be the most breath-taking pair you’ve ever adorned, but we urge you to consider ONE extremely vital factor before you pick that irresistible pair up- Comfort. You cannot be wearing a size too big or getting shoe bites or wearing that killer heel that gives you eternal back pain. Not on your special days when everything is to be nothing short of perfect. Give a little thought to your wedding footwear- they get a photoshoot of their own, you know!

1. Embellished Stilettos

When else can you put on a bedazzled pair of tall stilettos without being deemed ‘flashy’ or ‘over the top’? Indian wedding outfits demand shoes that are splendid enough to match up to the grandeur of the complete attire. Bejewelled or embellished with stones or Swarovski, these heels make for a perfect wedding shoe. We are crushing on Mischka Bagdley!

2. Comfy Flats

For the tall brides, the dancing nights and for those ladies who don’t want to risk the fall on their D Day. It’s not necessary for wedding shoes to have heels- Flats are lifesavers that keep a bride extremely comfortable, especially considering the long hours of standing, getting clicked and dancing involved. And unlike popular belief, there are a lot of styles that go with Indian wedding outfits- the classic ballerinas or casual white/floral/Bling sneakers for ultimate comfort (who can see them under that lehenga anyway, right? :P )

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3. Wedges

For the practical brides- stature, style and comfort combined in one shoe type. We always recommend all our brides to go for the ever reliable wedge heels- be it for dancing or the endless standing with composure- wedges have proven to be the definitive answer to comfort meeting style. It’s not always easy to find the right kind of wedges which are dressy enough for wedding events however, so we advise you start looking!

4. Colorful Pops

Something our Indian brides feel is too risky to pull off on their big day- but trust us- there’s nothing like adding a contrast pop of color to your wedding outfit. It screams out fun, isn’t the boring old gold sandal and donning a bright yet elegant pair of heels adds personality to your outfit.

5. Classic Glittery Bling

The Indian bride’s most preferred- it’s safe, it’s classic and well, it’s sparkly and pretty! That’s some worthy qualifications for being chosen as THE wedding shoe. Easily found in many brands, finding the RIGHT kind of shimmer, shade of metallic and shoe style is the challenge. Try not to mismatch the shimmer of your attire and shoes. There’s a huge risk of your outfit’s final look turning out to be gaudy, so classics (and subtlety) are preferable- the gold Loub pumps accompanies Indian work well.

6. Lace

The classy wedding shoe. A personal favorite, this elegant style never goes out of trend. It’s the understated simplicity and the flirtatiousness of the lace offering a peek-a-boo of skin that makes it traditional and sultry at the same time. I’d consider getting wed in a Church just for these lace booties! ;)

7. Jootis/ Mojris

The traditional choice- Indian flats that accessorize the feet. An answer to our prayers for comfort and prettiness rolled in one! A beautiful set of ‘payal’ paired with the right pair of ‘jootis’ can achieve the perfect Indian bridal look for your feet. With so many festive and pretty design choices around, finding the right one to go with your outfit has become easy. They’re recommended to be worn with suits and outfits where they can be seen and aren’t hidden under a big lehenga. Make sure to wear your ‘jootis’ beforehand to loosen them up- can’t take the risk of a jooti bite on your wedding!

8. Match it!

If your bridesmaids aren’t up for doing the matching outfits bit, (or are super excited about being bridesmaids) and you want the world to know you’ve got your squad goals on point- make your Bridesmaids wear the same color shoes, or even better, if you can push it- the same shoe. It makes for some great photos!

9. Customhouse, Customize, Customize!

Shoes made especially for you and no one else? That Feel like a footwear connoisseur or just can’t find the right pair? Make your own! Yes, it’s possible to design your perfect pair of shoes- the heel, fabric, material, shoe style. If all else fails, it’s always possible to get bespoke footwear. This works well for those who have a specific shoe style in mind and cannot find the right size or price. Highly advisable for those who have problems finding their shoe size- being comfortable wearing the right fit is key! Check out Soltee by Sulakshana Monga for bespoke men’s designer footwear & Verushka by Payal Kothari for customized bridal footwear! You can also design your own perfect pair on www.talonsdor.com

10. Designer Footwear

Designer and Luxury wedding footwear is the next big thing! There is no better time to be alive for shoe lovers who are getting married- Sabyasachi and Louboutin have come together to design a collection of wedding footwear, and dare we say it’s gorgeous. The fierceness of Louboutin and the traditional elegance of Sabyasachi designs blend to make the perfect modern day wedding shoes- it just fits! Louboutin’s collection, Bollywood, is also an example of designer footwear that can complete a wedding attire.

P.S — Carrying an extra pair of shoes is highly advisable- shoe mishaps being quite common at weddings! Better yet, carry a change of flats if you’re wearing inches that you’ll regret halfway through an event. And remember not to fall! ;)

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Whether you need a little bit of help or a lot, Baraati Inc will work towards turning your simple wedding affair into your personal festival of memories!

Whether you need a little bit of help or a lot, Baraati Inc will work towards turning your simple wedding affair into your personal festival of memories!