Once you decide to tie the knot, it’s no longer just about you… it’s about the both of you. So, the best time in your life to accomplish all of your bucket list goals — you guessed it.is RIGHT NOW ! This is the hip-hip-hurrah phase, so challenge your mind, and feed your soul with things you love. Live it up!

Feed Your Wanderlust

The world is awaiting you! Take that spontaneous, crazy trip you always wanted to. The possibilities for a spectacular memory are endless. Just travel by yourself — find your groove! There’s something especially liberating, eye-opening, and bond-bolstering.

Commit to ‘You Time’

Identify what you really enjoy doing like a hobby, and carve out time in your busy weekly schedule to do it. Sometimes the little things in life are the most satisfying.

Confront your fears

Face one of your biggest fears. Be it skydiving, public speaking, or dining in public alone. You are getting married so you better be ready for anything! Do one thing that really scares you.

Focus on your body

Clean up your act. That means drinking less, eating healthier, working out more. Make a good diet + fitness plan for the after-wedding madness

Meet The New Familia

Family matters! Strike stronger bond with your new-to-be’s family. It will not only make them, but him feel special too. It is these special moments that will make all the difference. Spread the love!

Enjoy & Cherish Your FamBam Time

Take advantage of any free time you can spend with those you really care about, while you have the time to do it. Family should always come first! You will surely miss them when they aren’t around all the time.

Eliminate Baggage

Learn not to sweat the small stuff. Life is much too short to dwell on what you cannot control. Mails and FB messages from ex-boyfriends — delete! Toxic friends — remove! Relatives who crib — ignore! Co-workers who bitch — move away! Start on a clean slate.

Sort your finances

Get your finances in order. Clean up on any pending credit and make some investment habits for you as a couple. Make sure you keep your savings in an account for your use — just yours! Get a savings account separately where you can transfer a specified amount of money into it each month.Get into the habit of saving at least ten percent of your salary.

Splurge on yourself

Splurge on yourself. Because you can and you should! No, we are not talking about material things like shoes and bags which you are already buying for your wedding. We are talking about spending on things that you have ignored till now: the lasik surgery for your eyes, the hair removal laser or the chemical peels you always put aside because they cost a lung!

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Whether you need a little bit of help or a lot, Baraati Inc will work towards turning your simple wedding affair into your personal festival of memories!

Whether you need a little bit of help or a lot, Baraati Inc will work towards turning your simple wedding affair into your personal festival of memories!