Vendor Review: Boutique Bites of Health

Baraati Inc
Aug 16, 2016 · 2 min read

We all love weddings don’t we? The ambiance, the fun, the photos, the invites, the wedding favors (OMG! Drooling) and the list is endless. Well, the wedding season is upon, and if you’re planning one for yourself or someone in your family you know the struggle is REAL. Well, don’t worry, we have come to your rescue!

We found this *amazing* store called Boutique Bites of Health which is your one stop for some delectable variety of wedding favors. The Nutty Bite & the Walnut Pillow Bite are the two flavors we gobbled down in a jiffy! These are a healthy indulgence, for those with a sweet tooth and the sweets have no refined sugar or starch hence are diabetic friendly too (HAPPY FAMILIES). And this is not it, these are freshly handcrafted with nutritious ingredients as well as all natural ingredients which means No added Sugar/ Preservatives/ Flour/ Gluten/ Egg/ Starchy Binders… yet hitting the “sweet” spot! What else could you wish for?

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We personally love the flavors, and this unique craftsmanship by Rekha Kochhar, definitely gets a BIG Thumbs up from us. With years of experience she knows what is good for your health without compromising the taste. So now you can enjoy your sweet tooth without compromising on your heath or being guilty.

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The packaging too is beautiful & vintage and can be given out with your wedding invites :) They also beautifully replace the chocolates/cookies as the in-room hampers, incase you are planning a destination wedding. Get yourself a piece of yummy nutrition with the luxurious Boutique Bites of Health.

Baraati Inc is a Wedding Planning, Design & Management company based out of New Delhi, India. For more information log onto or Call 9871362656. You can also connect with us on Facebook & Instagram. For fun VLOGS, subscribe to us on YouTube.

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