Hampered Love For Your Wedding Guests!

By Sakshi Tyagi

Weddings are a busy affair. Won’t be able to personally salute all your guests upon their arrival, so a wedding welcome bag (or basket) is an amazing way to say, “Hello, we’re glad you’re here!” right away. (Especially if you’re having a destination wedding or lot of your guests are out-of-towners.) That’s why many couples put together welcome bags for their guests. Want to do the same? Here’s everything you need to assemble the perfect welcome goody bag that’s sure to make your guests feel right at home.


Canvas totes, decorative boxes and even mini wine crates make great containers for your welcome kits. Something cute to stash your guests’ swag. Though the safest bet are custom printed totes, since they’re versatile, reusable, and easy to carry. However, boxes have become increasingly popular because they remain tidy and are easy to stack when transporting them to the hotel, and from the front desk to the guest suite. Pick something that goes best with the feel of your wedding.


While the snacks are the most exciting part of the welcome tote bag, do not overlook the paperwork. So, provide a weekend itinerary to help the guests have what they need to know at their fingertips. An itinerary must detail all locations, addresses, timelines and dress codes for the events of your wedding (ladies’ luncheon, after-party details, for example). If you are providing transportation, this is a great place to include shuttle pick-up and drop-off information as well. Also, consider including local maps, a card detailing your favourite things to do in the area, and, of course, a welcome note to your guests (even better when handwritten and personalized!)


Don’t forget the booze! Or other type of beverage that you think the guest would like. It doesn’t have to be alcohol. But why not get the party started earlier rather than later? Just saying.


People generally get cranky after a long journey, especially children! So, surprise your guests with a loads and loads of snacks, include something to satisfy your guests’ sweet-tooth and for late nights after the after-party, something salty is always much appreciated. Put in both sweet and salty snacks to make your guests day!


This goes without saying. Good wedding = mild hangover; great wedding = the mother of all hangovers. So, give your guests a little love and make sure they’re stocked with hangover kit. Hangover isn’t the only “emergency” your guests might encounter. This kit can be their Knight in Shining Armour, add in some Band-Aids, stain remover or a mini-sewing-kit to help guests deal with whatever disaster might come their way. Perhaps even a custom do-not-disturb door hanger is in order?


Your welcome bag is another opportunity to thank your guests. Include a thoughtful letter to tell them how happy you are to be sharing your wedding day with them. Handwriting each note will give them that extra-special touch or if you’re short on time, take the time to sign each one in ink. A postcard is a fun option for a destination wedding, while aged parchment paper is perfect otherwise.


To ensure guests receive the totes just the way you’ve intended, don’t forget to arrange your welcome tote delivery process with the hotel ahead of time. Contact the hotel concierge to ask how they are delivered. Surprise your guests by having the welcome bags waiting for them in their rooms. It’ll be the first thing they see when they walk through the door and is sure to instantly make them feel right at home.

Now, you can that you have got everything you need to start making those wedding welcome bags, go ahead and make your guests feel a little more at home!